Cover Kabuto & Ruben.S At Warehouse

From 23:59 to 5:00

Kabuto & Ruben.S At Warehouse

Warehouse - Palma De Mallorca, Spain
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◙ Free entry before 1:00 ◙ 10€ + 1 drink before 2:00 ◙ 15€ + 1 drink after 2:00 (without guestlist 15€ + 1 Moritz)





Underground - Alternative

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Come as you are. +18


About our guests:
???? KABUTO:
The founder of DAZE OF PHAZE.
Since he launched DAZE OF PHAZE party in 2016, KABUTO has hosted DJs such as Andrew James Gustav, Gwenan, Max Vaahs, Cédric Dekowski, Evan Baggs, dj masda, Oskar Offermann, Pascy, Max Best, Alexander K Einetter. Also he's been running his regular party called LAIR at Grassroots in Koenji for 12 years, and supporting international DJs' gigs in Tokyo. With his groove and skills on the decks, KABUTO opens up his one-of-a-kind techno / house music. He's appeared on various podcasts including LowMoneyMusicLove and YAY.
???? Ruben.S
Our resident from the very beginning.. he always working hard to find proper artists to bring to our club and adapt his style for the artists are playing.. pure deepness and always changing style that will dont allows you to stop dance!!!

Sound Powered by Sonivisa
Visuals by Jp

Quatre de Novembre 2C, Palma De Mallorca, Spain

Something happened around 2016.
Electronic music concept in the island needed a change, something new to offer, and the real underground scene cried out to be re-build.

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