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La Marina Real Juan Carlos I is the perfect setting for an unforgettable event. Whether you are hosting publicity events, public events, product launches or business meetings, La Marina is the space you have been looking for. It will add a touch of elegance, originality and, we’d even go so far as to say, an incomparable sea breeze to your event. La Marina has played host to marketing launches that have not only made the most of the different spaces within the complex, but also of the fantastic hotels located just a few minutes’ walk from it. Guests or media teams can stay in unique accommodation overlooking the sea or the City of Arts and Sciences. La Marina Real Juan Carlos I is a hub of constant activity, with shows and public events, whether leisure or sports, taking place within the premises and on the promenades. National and international concerts, sporting events such as the City of Valencia Half Marathon and the swim across the inner harbour, internationally recognised shows such as Cavalia, the Tapas Fair, the Festivity in Honour of the Virgin of Carmen, firework displays and even summer cinema are just a small selection of the infinite possibilities that this special location can host. Last but not least.

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Carrer Marina Baixa, 1, Valencia, España

Marina Real Juan Carlos I

Carrer Marina Baixa, 1