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Movement Torino Music Festival

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Movement Torino is the European “cousin” of the Movement Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF), the world’s best dance music Festival, which has been held in Detroit on Memorial Day since 2000. Movement host the world leading DJs and musicians performances to represent the evolution of the contemporary music culture. The first overseas show of this kind, was staged on 15 December 2006, by Movement Europe Ltd. together with Derrick May, Movement founder and World ambassador, to celebrate the year of the Olympic Winter Games. Now at its seventh edition, Movement 2012 stages its performances throughout the month of October and launches it's brand new format in Rome, Italy Capital with renewed attention to the artistic quality offer, territorial promotion, safety and environmental sustainability. Movement aims to set world standards for Clever Entertainment music format.

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Via Nizza, 294, Turín, Italia

Movement Torino Music Festival

Via Nizza, 294