Cartel del evento Minù with VakulaCartel del evento Minù with Vakula
sáb, 3 feb 2018 | 23:30 - 06:00

Minù with Vakula

Circolo degli Illuminati




The year 1989 is destined to take its place among those events that have marked the history of humanity; the coronation of Charles the great, the discovery of America, the arrival of the euro, the release of Daft Punk's album Homework. 1989 marks a point of no return, a step forward which breaks forever with the past. In a word “Breakthrough”. And the sixth season of Minù at Circolo degli Illuminati promises to do just that. If the fall of a brick wall marked the end of the 80s in Berlin, Minù’s 2017/18 season is destined to break down other walls, maybe less visible but perhaps more insidious. When mainstream culture starts giving way, it’s up to subcultures to take the lead: in the club, Minù breaks down the barriers bringing everyone together on one dancefloor. At least for a few hours there are no walls. Translating the idea of Breakthrough into sound will be artists from all over the world (Jan Krueger and Lowris ) alternating with Rome’s resident DJs (Demi James and Sawe ) A fabulous journey to be lived over 33 Saturdays and every Sunday at dawn the awareness that another brick in the wall has fallen.

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Via Giuseppe Libetta, 1, Roma, Italia

Minù with Vakula

Circolo degli Illuminati