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Born in 2006 and with a desire to raise the clubbing concept in Porto, bringing the city closer to the great European cities, this adventure, which started from the After Parties of "Galeria", went through "Minimize to Maximize" in "Teatro Sá da Bandeira", Gare Porto and "We Love Sundays", continues now at Industria Club, and is today the history of the lives that form this collective, and is full of stories that mark many more lives than we can count. Are twelve, the years of love for music that echoes on the walls of practically every club in Porto, runs down the Douro River, flows to the Atlantic and perpetuates itself in the smile of each one of you.

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Cais de Gaia, 4400, Oporto, Portugal

Rdz Boat

Cais de Gaia, 4400