Cartel del evento Into the Valley 2018 *CANCELLED*Cartel del evento Into the Valley 2018 *CANCELLED*
vie, 28 sep 2018 11:59 - dom, 30 sep 2018 22:00

Into the Valley 2018 *CANCELLED*

Castillo Sohail

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Home to the next chapter of the Into the Valley legacy will be the Andalusian coast in Spain, as very far south as you can go in Europe. The festival venue is the 1000 year old Castillo Sohail. A truly dreamy and mesmerising historical castle ruin, on the beach in the small town Fuengirola. A remote, still accessible ocean paradise in the mediterranean sun. Only 30 kilometers from Malaga the festival is easily reached by daily direct flights from most European countries. Castillo Sohail will be the center for the daytime program curated on the three stages; The Castle, The Theater and The Beach. Soon we will present the night program which will be equally amazing but in a industrial setting and run round the clock. Together with Fuengirola city and the ITV family from more than 70 countries, we aim to make ITV Spain 2018 the beginning of a new chapter, redefining culture in sleepy but beautiful Costa del sol. __________________________ Full lineup, day by day & area __________________________ Beach area (free for everyone) Location: Av. Mare Nostrum 3, Fuengirola Friday September 28, 12.00-17.00 Dj Dea Fatima Osman Réa Réa Saturday September 29, 12.00-17.00 Hedda Lovefingers & Heidi Lawden Molø & Drake __________________________ Festival area (only valid for festival, festival + night & pluspackage tickets) Location: Calle Tartesos, Fuengirola (Castillo Sohail) Friday September 28, 16.00-23.00 Acid Pauli Chloe, live Diana Rada Dog on acid & Nicole Deyna Elena Colombi Emmi Friberg Fabio Scali & Stef Gregory Floating Points, solo live Lana del Rave Larry Heard aka Mr Fingers, live Natacha Diggs Peggy Gou Saturday September 29, 16.00-23.00 Charlotte Bendiks Dj Seinfeld Dj Tennis Hunee Indira Paganotto Jessie Granqvist Laurel Halo Lego Linny Hex Omar-S Schatrax Svek (Jesper Dalhbäck & Stephan Grieder) Studio Barnhus Young Marco __________________________ Night area (only valid for night, festival + night & pluspackage tickets) Location: Calle la Orotava 27, Málaga Friday September 28-29, 23.00-07.00 Adriana Lopez Regis Oscar Mulero Amelie Lens Saturday September 29-30, 23.00-07.00 Adam Beyer Anastasia Kristensen & BTraits Dr Rubinstein Krankbrother _________________________ After hour area (only valid for plus package tickets) Location: Tba, will be emailed 24 hours prior the event to all plus package buyers Sunday September 30, 07.00-22.00 Anastasia Kristensen Joel Mull Lee-Ann Roberts Licaxxx M.e.m.o, live Uncle Ru Ulwhednar (Abdulla Rashim & Varg), live

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Av Mare Nostrum, 8C 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, España

Into the Valley 2018 *CANCELLED*

Castillo Sohail