Cartel del evento Code 140 - Jeff Mills [EVENTO APLAZADO]Cartel del evento Code 140 - Jeff Mills [EVENTO APLAZADO]
sáb, 14 mar 2020 | 23:30 - 06:00

Code 140 - Jeff Mills [EVENTO APLAZADO]

Fabrik Madrid

Tech house


Did someone order techno? Well, here's Code, who lands back in Fabrik, its home, to celebrate what is now its 140th edition. It will be on March 14th (playing with the numbers) and it will have three authentic bombshells of the British techno and rave movements like Rebekah -Birmingham's star-, Ben Sims -living legend of the industrial techno sound-, and the union of Surgeon and Lady Starlight -a couple on and off stage who will make all Madrid fly with their hardware-based live-. But, above all, there will also be Jeff Mills, master of clubbing, a pioneer from Detroit, the cradle of the genre, and eminent in everything that surrounds techno. In addition, the new Ukrainian sensation Marika Rossa and other names like Alienata, Jeroen Search (live), Kirk Degiorgio, Joton, Nuke, Cesar Almena, Filterheadz (live), Raul Pacheco, Gabriel D'Or and Bordoy will fill the Main Room, the Satellite and the Arena Club in a historic night for Fabrik Madrid.

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Avenida de la Industria 82 28970 Humanes de Madrid, Madrid, España

Code 140 - Jeff Mills [EVENTO APLAZADO]

Fabrik Madrid