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ART Club is currently known as the former Carola Morena nightclub. A multipurpose space located next to the Príncipe Pío station, and which is undoubtedly one of the great references of leisure in Madrid. Any type of event is possible inside: fashion shows, exhibitions, concerts, theater ... and of course disco sessions. But always with a clear objective: That you experience unique sensations. Since its opening, they achieve it thanks to a very careful environment and atmosphere. A room with a technical equipment of lights and sound of last generation. All this contributes to the enjoyment of the thousands of people who have already been able to live a magical night inside. We collaborate with them in their Thursday, Friday and Saturday parties: Jaleo's Thursdays, We Love Reggaeton, Banöi The Club Fridays or Banöi The Club Saturdays. Parties where you can enjoy urban rhythms and commercial music in all its styles. Translated with (free version)

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P.º de la Florida 2, Madrid, España

ART Madrid Club

P.º de la Florida 2