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BIG BANG Underground Psychedelic Reunion

The Garage of The Bass Valley - Barcelona, España
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Come as you are. +18


Una pequeña reunion para pasarla bien el primer Viernes del 2020

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D.O.C - Sacred Sound Rec - LIVE SET

Dario Ricci aka D.O.C was born in Rome in 1986. Known as "D-Rix", he began his career in 2008 as a dj, becoming one of the core artists representing the psychedelic sound movement in Italy. In 2010 he graduated as sound engineer and sound designer. In 2014 he released his production and liveset project as "D.O.C". Most of his past productions are released by D-Noir Records, Creative Jungle and Sacred Sound. Over the years, D.O.C has been hosted by some of the best events representing his style.

ISOMETRIC - Vantara Vichitra Records - LIVE SET

Daniel Grassmann, also known as Isometric or MrGrassmann, is a young spanish Dj and producer born in Ibiza in 1994.
Daniel started Djing in 2009.Quickly he started playing in the famous ibiza outdoor partys and start to help organizing them.
Finally one year later he had his first gig en Las Dalias, ibiza with 16 years. After this he was invitaded in typical ibiza psytrance partys like Wild Winter, Ibiza Vibestyle, Ibiza Psytrance Frequency, Shambala...
Later on he start to be dj for the Sumeria collective.,
And in 2012 he start to form part as DJ of Zero Gravity records.
2015 he joined the young promising spanish underground label GloOm music, where in June 2015 he released his first compilation "The Ancient Scrypts".
The second Chapter of the "Ancient Scrypts" series followed in November 2017.
The first EP "Lost in Paradise" was released in March 2017 and the second "Different Perception" in May 2019 also by GloOm Music.
Now he is currently signed under the Indian label Vantara Vichitra Records,where he already setted up some next deadlines to release fresh stuff from the Studio and expand his sound worldwide!
The Music spectrum of this Live project is focused in groovy, funky, intelligent night time music. Ranging from 148 to 160 bpms.

From now on he played his live set and dj sets in countrys like India, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic and some more!

NAAN - Shanti Planti

Mixing abilities in different combinations.
CHill Out Dj set: moving trough many chillout subgenres, spacing in a range from 65 to 140 bpm, NaaN uses also his own tunes for many hours of music, from sleepy atmospheres to moving uptempo beats.

Back from a long and blissful journey, NaaN melted his experiences with music, giving the listener the fruits and the flavours of his trip. Involving Tibetan bells Hangventure offers a magical journey through the frequencies sacred to Mother Earth: a liquid flow of music that moves freely through the soul and cleanses your heart for an always-new adventure where the musician is actually just listening.

Psy Trance Dj set: on the way for his own live set, NaaN ‘s psytrance dj sets space from 148 to 155 bpm: his style blends underground with liquid, tropical , pirate tunes.

MAIKO – Anomalistic Rec

Djane Maiko aka Karolina Paceviciute , from Lithuania, actually based in Barcellona. Maiko is part of Anomalistc Rec an experimental label from America and NutriaDance Rec. With her dj set Maiko already performed in countries like Italy, Spain, Sweden, Czech republic, Austria, Lithuania, India, Srilanka, Turkey, Holland,Germany, Poland,Brazil and festivals like Masters of Puppets, Psy fi, Atman, Human Evolution, Blackmoon, Anaca Ritual.
Her dj sets are various, from slow to fast bpm, always focused on a danceable and trance tunes. Goes from classic darkpsy to new wave experimental music like psycore but also adding some spicy hitech tracks for a full euforia moments.

SOMBRERO – Blacklite Rec & Own Spirit

Fabrizio Penna aka Sombrero was born in Asti in 1983.
Dj and promoter of Blacklite Records, he is playing in many underground parties, enjoying the truly psytrance freaky life style.
Since he was young, he was completely in love with different kinds of music, sharing his feelings by his guitar, playing in a punk-rock band.
After discovering psytrance parties in 2007, he decided to learn more about mixing and he started djing under the name of Sombrero, that represents his mood.
Heavy bass lines, psychedelic waves, trippy and funky sounds: this is Sombrero's djset trademark.
Now he is hard working for Blacklite Records, to push concept, feelings and music of the upper consciousness label.

DIEGO – Believe Lab

Diego, Italian but with Chilean origins, starts to play at the age of 15 in various Le Marche (Italy) techno clubs. In 2009 he discovers psytrance and joins Goaproject, an Italian group for which he plays in different events such as Tesmoforie, Solar Eclipse, Blackmoon festival and many more. After his Italian experience he joins Believe Lab to bring his talent abroad by playing in Goa, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Spain. His passion to electronic music grew with him since he was a kid. Later in time he starts to follow the psychedelic culture and find a perfect fit in Psytrance, which is a perfect mix of what he enjoys. He loves to create a full power set to drive his audience to other dimensions in a pure Psychedelic mind trip.

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The Garage of The Bass Valley

13 Passatge Can Polític , Barcelona , España

The Garage is an electronic music oriented nightclub, aimed to music and sound lovers, that gives a voice to underground and left-field artists inside the facilities of The Bass Valley Barcelona.

Image of The Garage of The Bass Valley
Image of The Garage of The Bass Valley
Image of The Garage of The Bass Valley
Image of The Garage of The Bass Valley
Image of The Garage of The Bass Valley
Image of The Garage of The Bass Valley
Image of The Garage of The Bass Valley
Image of The Garage of The Bass Valley
Image of The Garage of The Bass Valley
Image of The Garage of The Bass Valley