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A space to appreciate the beauty of our natural surroundings, our community and our inner selves, Yamba sets the scene for a wholesome beach experience where we seek and cultivate joy, authenticity, inclusion and sustainability. The word Yamba means begin, so join us on our journey and embrace the unexpected. Music and dance are two of our earliest forms of communication. At Yamba, we joyfully dance to connect, to celebrate, to give thanks, and to express the hidden language of the soul! Let our stellar music free your hearts and minds and participate more fully in the dance of life. Yamba features a holistic menu based on the philosophy of the four elements. Maintaining a balance between earth, water, air and fire, can ensure physical as well as psychological well-being. Using the finest locally sourced ingredients, our vibrant dishes are prepared with care and offer a new take on beach dining, while revitalizing and nourishing body and soul. Giving our community a unique bonding experience, Yamba welcomes everyone to connect with each other, and reconnect with nature. Our strong belief in respecting the environment thrives us to minimize our ecological footprint, to lead a conscious operation, to protect our natural surroundings, and to use local and sustainable materials and resources. We believe in leaving a positive impact on the community while giving back, and hope that our mindful approach encourages others.

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Praia da Bolina, Almada, Lisboa, Portugal


Praia da Bolina, Almada