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Founded in 2009, L!VE Productions is one of the most important electronic music company in Portugal. Since the beginning, working with passion the music from House to Techno, presenting the clubbers with the best upcoming and talented artists in around the World. Always focus to provide the best music and audience of this avant-garde culture. We are also proud to be the official producers of this festivals: # MAINTECH The 4th Dimensional Techno Festival www.facebook.com/maintechfestival And these are our official/exclusive club events: # DISTURB. # ITALIAN BUSINESS # RAMBOYA # V/AGE We work with this venues: Alfândega do Porto / Armazém V / Club Rio Lisboa / Cinema Batalha / Gare Porto / Hard Club / Indústria Cerveira / Indústria Club / Kadoc / Kremlin / Lisboa ao Vivo / Op Art / Pacha Ofir / Pedra do Couto / Pitch Club / Reset Club / São Mamede CAE / Swing Club / Teatro Sá da Bandeira / TimeOut Lisbon / Zero Lisbon Stay tuned! Techno is the answer!

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Edifício Verde, Rua 2 da Matinha, 2º Dtº, Lisboa, Portugal

2020 Club

Edifício Verde, Rua 2 da Matinha, 2º Dtº