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Jardins de la Devesa

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Jardins de la Devesa is located in Girona, at the confluence of the rivers Ter, Onar and Güell. An ideal environment for the growth of abundant vegetation, different types of plants and trees, some of them over 150 years old. It covers an area 40 ha, being the biggest urban park of Catalonia, are covered by vaults created by the tops of the plane trees, around 2,600 of them. The short distance between the trees has forced them to grow more in height than in width, and this has caused exceptional reached heights of 60 m. Its geographical location makes Jardins de la Devesa an natural space that allows to enjoy Girona’s landscapes and its leisure offer. Also, the fact of being provincial capital offers a wide range of transport facilities which allow arriving to the city quite easily, both trains and buses or private vehicles, and even by plane, having Girona’s airport few minutes from the city.

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Carrer del Riu Güell, 3, Girona, España

Jardins de la Devesa

Carrer del Riu Güell, 3