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For more than 150 years Pumpehusets has been placed in the heart of Copenhagen with a history stretching back to 1856. Originally the building served as a water supply for Copenhagen. In 1987 Pumpehuset underwent its first full scale renovation and was turned into a venue. In January 2011 a new ear of modern day Pumpehuset started, as the building once again was renovated and the facilities improved. The "new" Pumpehuset is home to two stages, Kransalen (named after the old crane that can still be seen above the bar at the end of the hall) and Sort Sal (Sort means black, because the room is totally black), respectively they hold 600 and 400 people. Furthermore, you'll find a cozy, outdoor smoking terrace and during the summer Pumpehuset host 150 concerts with free admittance at our outdoor venue and bar called Byhaven. Pumpehuset presents a wide variety of concerts all year long, and our goal is to include all angles of moderne, urban music culture. Since the re-opening in 2011, Pumpehuset has cultivated urban subcultures - the raw, the odd, the surprising - where young talents rise and evolve as artists. We continually explores new tendencies and through the years we have developed a solid network within niche environments such as death metal, drum'n'bass and underground hiphop. Alongside this we also host many concerts with artists from the mainstream end of music

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Studiestræde 52, Copenhagen, Dinamarca


Studiestræde 52