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The Bloody Beetroots

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If you’ve been monitoring and hopefully dancing your ass off to the ascent of electronic dance music over the last few years, you know the name Bloody Beetroots and its mastermind Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo have become synonymous with everything great about the genre. There’s the festival-highlight live and SBCR DJ shows, the tastefully hyperbolic tracks with their redlining builds and floor-rinsing drops, championed by the likes of Etienne De Crécy, Alex Gopher and Steve Aoki, which culminated in 2009’s Romborama. Now with the new Bloody Beetroots album HIDE, Rifo, the former Italian garage punk prodigy with “1977″ on his chest and the mask on his face, in his punkest effort yet, embraces contemporary music to the point of throttling it.
Featuring collaborations with Paul McCartney, Penny Rimbaud of Crass, Tommy Lee, Peter Frampton, Chromeo’s P-Thugg, electronic producers TAI and Bart B More as well as very different soul sensations Sam Sparro and Theophilus London, HIDE shows Rifo re-envisioning BBR as a complete musical operating system spanning time, genres and, most of all, preconceptions. Especially, he says, about dance music. “Bloody Beetroots is about electronic contemporary music,” Rifo says. “My challenge this time is to give values and
colors to contemporary music.”

The Bloody Beetroots