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Surfbit is Bingo from System Of Survival's emerging side project, his new pseudonym occupying a steadily increasing portion of his time and head space. As his role in the Circo Loco duo clearly demonstrates, Bingo's 20 year love affair with all things house music finds release through many portals; whether occupying the booth in his resident DC10, touring globally with partner Alex Carpentieri as System of Survival, or in his productions under the same name on own label IANUS71. However, always looking to develop something fresh and new, last winter Bingo began playing around with creating podcasts, for friends and family, with a slightly different style. Drawing on inspirations from his long and varied past, Surfbit became the name for his project which mixed together 80's synth pop or classic techno, with early 90's US house, classic anthems or funk disco reworked for a modern dance-floor or nulounge. Bringing to mind the NYC after-hours of the early 1990's, with a BPM rarely rising above 120, Surfbit is the soundtrack to a modern generation. With a distinctive nod towards the past, yet with feet tapping firmly on the sounds of the future, music connoisseurs and genuine house-heads were instantly hooked and the demand for the mixes has led to the project now being launched live, and Surfbit playing out himself. Namechecking the likes of Marshall Jefferson, Art Of Noise, Orbital alongside the sounds of Blaxploitation or Miles Davies, mixed up with Moodymann or Crazy Penis, Surfbit means just that: surfing the sounds for something different from the run of the mill 4/4 beat. A philosophy and way of life that Bingo has taken to heart, a Surfbit set traverses the waves with a soundtrack and ride that's as smooth as it's protagonist. Bingo is obviously already releasing under the System of Survival moniker, but will shortly be working on a production schedule as Surfbit, to be released on home label IANVS71, or digitally on sister label FVENTI.