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It's unusual for an artist's first releases to be acknowledged by Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, and Marco Carola. Then again, Stiv Hey isn't your usual artist. Hailing from Milan, Hey is quickly becoming an authority in techno, spearheading the next generation of music leaders. Approaching the genre with a contemporary edge, Hey creates punchy, melodic techno backed by sexy instrumentals. In doing so, Hey has designed his own sound, which fans lightly refer to as Techno Champagne. A SCI+TEC artist, Hey has already begun to see sold-out performances on an international scale. At the end of 2016, Hey completely jammed Plazma Club in Bulgaria, and closed out a 7-hour show on Mauritius Island with a 15-minute applause from the crowd. Turning to Asia, Hey's China tour saw incredible success at all stops, and a third tour in India further revealed the establishment of a fan base in the eastern hemisphere. Relocating to Barcelona, Hey is currently developing a party brand series titled, "Memories," which European fans can be on the lookout for in Winter 2017. East or west, Stiv Hey is an ascending figure in the techno landscape. For more about Stiv Hey, visit:

Stiv Hey