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Since his teenage he was playing piano and started to compose at the age of 17. After recording two albums with modern classic piano, he began to discover the electronic music. Initially he played typical Electro tunes with some Acid fragments but he was dragged more and more to the Techno. Disprizing the mainstream he created a very unique style affected by the underground techno scene. Additional he has a preference for 90s Techno, if you will listen carefully than you might rarities. Now he connects very heavy, hypnotic and dark Techno with melodically elements and completes it with discreet Acid. He is resident artists of the event row and label "Othercult" which is linked to different cities and venues in Europe. Every set is a journey, anyone who seriously opens himself or herself for it, has the opportunity to travel to inner spaces and meet own lights and shadows. The music will lead you, it will teach that there is more than the physical body. Flow together with the rhythm, give yourself up to the moment, leave everything behind you and feel the atmosphere. Discover deep and arcane parts of your mind, darkness and light, death and rebirth, protected by mystical and moving sounds. Prepare for the ride.