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SOLIMAN's Upcoming Gigs Tue 19 Jan, 16 Form Music Label Night, ZIG ZAG, Paris, France Powered by GigaTools SOLIMAN (VIVa Music, Harthouse, Escapisme, JETT) Soliman enters the world of techno and house music at the age of 6 owing to classical tracks “Big Fun” and “Good Life” by Inner City. In 1999, Soliman has listen to and absorbed all kinds of techno music and other types, that is when he decides to start Djing. Hardtek/hardcore/acid core at first, then he decides to focus on techno, house, acid house or shranz. He also goes in depth by being interested in refined types of music such as Detroit techno and Chicago house. 2001 is the year where he listens to minimal music for the first time, through labels like M-nus or Sender Records. At this time, he starts making his first sets, in a deconstructed way with 2, 3 or 4 turntables, on which he puts his own samples and loops. In 2005, after finishing his studies he decides to completely focus on nightlife as a full-time job, promoting and co-hosting parties in Paris. One year later on May 10th 2006, he plays his first public shows for a “Traveller Back” party at Batofar, with great artists such as Popof, Noisebuilder and Banditos. At the same time, he launches its first monthly parties: “Emergence” at La Fleche d'Or and Rex Club, “Une Aventure Xtra Musicale” at Glazart, co-hosted with Ozore Age until 2007. Then, from 2007 to 2010, he organized many other monthly parties, like “Minimalyse This” at Opa (2007-2009) and “Attractive” at Batofar (2008-2011). During this period, he also promoted and co-hosted the Jett Records parties (created by Fred Siera and Gregory Honore) in famous places such as Batofar, Elysee Montmartre, Barramundi and Djoon. In 2008, Soliman decided to focus on music composition, and one year later he is spotted by Citizen Kain and Jaümetic. He also released a remix on the famous Spanish label Regular records. Just after that, he made remixes for artists such as Superslut, Phuture Traxx, Citizen Kain (on his label Neverending) et Leghau. On Frabon Records, he made a remix for Flavio Lodetti & Lownza in a vinyl format. In 2010, he is spotted by Ahmet Sendil from Bosphorus Underground and releases his EP “11th Arch” in October of the same year. Also signed on Regular Records, he releases the “Coeur de Lion” EP on Jett Records at a vinyl format (remixed par Salvatore Freda , & Santé), which is supported by prestigious artists like Ritchie Hawtin, Luciano, Reboot, Butch. Soliman keeps on releasing new projects, like these two remixes on Jett Records with Tom Clark for Nakadia et Aldo Cadiz; and just after that another remix is released on the same label for Aldo Cadiz (with Tom Clark and Sierra Sam). But as a versatile artist, Soliman also appreciates to play as a duet, with Sante (Cocoon, Souvenir Music, Jett Records), with who he makes two releases on two mythic labels: VIVa Music et Rawthentism, respectively Steve Lawler's and Carlo Lio's labels. Finally, the EP “La Jeunesse” is relased in Mars 2012 on Harthouse, Sven Vath label created in 1992. His remix of Oscar Sala et Fran Alberola – Felicjanek was played by Dubfire, and he made many releases on Jett Records (“Soul Tears” on their “Aces” compilation, remix of Aldo Cadiz's Zaze Klap ) and Escapism Musique (“Oreille Cassee” EP). Former Artistic Director of Jett Records (Fred Siera's label) and former Jett Booking's manager, representing the following artists for France (and Asia for some): Aldo Cadiz, Martin Eyerer, Alex Flatner, Santé, Kiko, Citizen Kain, Piemont, Jules & Moss, Salvatore Freda, , Popof, Julian Jeweil, Noob,... ; Soliman has now many other projects. He is currently Label Manager of Form Music (Popof's label) and also manager of the booking agency Lutetia. He will also be part of Aldo Cadiz last EP (December 2012 in vinyl format on Tanzbar) with a remix of “Move”.