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- 1/2 SUPERPIG (@wearesuperpig2); - Índigo Dj School Head Director; - Mendossa Records co-owner; - Youtuber: 2011: Spanish National Champion DJ at Movida Corona World Dj Contest. 2014: 2nd Place Spanish DJ Vicious Magazine Contest. @mixmash-records @mendossarecords @emulsify His skills and charisma while playing, an excellent technique and a great capacity for reinventing and creating have situated Sergei Rez as one of the most complete and surprising Dj’s on stage. Versatile and agile like no one with his hands, he is really spectacular. He has taken his sets all around Spain (24 cities) and it is due to his amazing, entertaining and exclusive style that Sergei won the 2010 National Movida Corona World Dj Championship over more than 400 Dj’s from all parts of Spain. He took part at the European Finals representing Spain in Berlin.

Sergei Rez