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With the machine-driven futurism of Detroit in his step, and the bounce of Chicago in his shadow, Salvatore Freda is a pure vinyl DJ from Lausanne, Switzerland. With a production career that began in 1997, Freda has built up an impressive discography over the years. His music has touched some of techno and house's most respected labels including Trapez, Music Man Records, Liebe Detail, Freerange, Area Remote, Dessous,and Cadenza, when in 2009 he dropped the massive EP "Uva Fragolina" with Michel Cleis.. On the remix side, Salvatore is constantly in demand purvoying the finest beats on high profile labels like Poker Flat, Upon You, Freerange, Tribe, Nightvision to name a few. Salvatore Freda was born in 1978 in the city of Lausanne, Switzerland. Lausanne might be better known outside frontiers as a capital of the Olympic Games than for its appeal on the electronic music scene. However something has changed in these last years and Salvatore is not innocent to that new enlightment, musically-speaking. Salvatore always strives to surprise auditors with exciting and forward-thinking projects. Freedom and open-mindness are kind of a philosophy to him. However, if there's something everyone has in mind about Salvatore's music, it is his sense of the groove. An unimitable "touché" that gives a specific character to his large music vision. His main inspiration comes from the sense of futurism behind Detroit Techno music, and the funkyness inside Chicago House. Also, both of these traditions are constantly redefined by Salvatore and transposed into a post-modern aesthetic. It might be called deep house or hypnotic techno, every song has to tell a new story and take the best advantage of the moment. Our man has built a rich and solid profile through the years, starting back in the early 90's, collecting vinyls at the young age of 12. He got deeply into electronic sounds after a first flashing clubbing experience with his older sisters during summer holidays in Italy in 1989. Lil' Louis "french kiss" and Inner City's "good life" are some of the first records he could buy at the local supermarket. His pioneering style enabled him to quickly enter into the close circle of switzerland 's nightlife. Prestigious events and residencies have been offered to him in now famous clubs like Loft, Mad and since 2004 at the D! club where his monthly Party " Freaks on Friday" could help to dig a new trend in downtown and aboard. Salvatore could host many great dj's, sometimes legends, enriching Lausanne's nightlife. His reputation crossed frontiers and today he keep himself busy in some of Europe's best places: Berlin, Hambourg, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Naples, Zurich, Lisbone, Bucharest, London, Rotterdam, Zurich, Madrid, Geneva, Roma... Not to forget his yearly presence since 2005 at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival and other festivals like Caprices, Label Suisse, Electrosanne, Balelec, Atlantis, Movement, Bermuda... His first release went out in 1997 titled the Fredator E.P. (Chic records/PIAS) and found immediate support from Eric Morillo, Carl Craig or Tony Humphries. Not bad for a first try... However, it is only years later that Salvatore could give a follow up on the production side, being too busy with many activities devoted to underground music development like organising partys, writing reviews in magazines, managing vinyls shop, co-producing radio shows, managing his own label "Adrenogroov", .. all of these while completing studies in psychology and philosophy at the University of Lausanne. Nowadays, Salvatore only focuses on both his first loves, studio work and dj'ing, there's no need to say how much his devotion as been seminal in his country. Salvatore is deeply rooted in the movement since the middle 90's and his longevity can only say it all about his professionalism and vision, keeping him expnanding... always...

Salvatore Freda