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BOOKING : ____________________ BIOGRAPHY : Originally from northern France, Ratus discovers MAO on Fruity Loops in 2006 (16 years) to create rhythms that would accompany the guitar. But it was in 2007 that he began to create a Hardtek melodic, psychedelic, and full of crazy sounds, inspired by the Old & New School Hardtek & Trance artists and the Krautrock scene He decides to go live in 2009 in Toulouse to create a sound system with his friends. Since, released on vinyl and numeric plateforms with the labels Winprod, FreeStyleListen, Astrofonik, and Undergroundtekno, Ratus gradually become a regular on the techno scene in Toulouse. In 2012 he create the association Sonik'Art Records with his sound system for organize legal parties in the south of France and after 3 years of parties with Sonik'Art Records, he stop the association and create the little independant label "The Dirty Factory". Now he's back to invade your parties with an edgy Hardtek live, mixing psychedelic sounds with acid & melodic atmospheres, and sometimes stupids voices samples ! ____________________ DISCOGRAPHY : Transelucid 02 Kick For Kill 10 Kick For Kill 13 Para-Noize 09 Sonik'Art 01 Toxic Vibes 05 Toxic Vibes 06 Toxic Vibes 09 Trafik 10 Raggatek Power 02 Kick Beat 01 Son2NewSchool 01 Son2NewSchool 02 Illuminati (Album) Hybrid Rezistanz 02 Religion of The Beat (Album) Pouetcore United (Album) OUT SOON