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Incisive and breathtaking, David Ponziano is a Madrilenian artist, who radiates personality inside and outside the DJ booth. This is precisely his trump card, the one that gives him the winning hand in his moves. He has the club in his veins, many hours of experience behind him, a wide vision and few prejudices. These virtues make it hard to resist his musical assaults and the public in his habitual residences, at parties such as Replay, Reclub or Motel, is well aware of that.   His sessions are constructive, formed by musical lines that diversify and combine to build a union of sounds that can range between disco, house, deep, techno or acid, without losing coherence within the musical discourse. He is definitely an old school DJ, one of those who knows what he is doing and enjoys dancing and feeling the beat.   The preamble of his relationship with electronic music comes from the mid-90s, when the last gasps of EBM and new wave conquered his heart to the rhythm of sharp bases, aggressive guitars and rough synths. From those days to the present time the paths have been many and diverse, reaching their peak and acquiring sense in the mid-2000s, when he began to release his first music publications under the pseudonym Play The Game. In the meantime, he studies sound engineering and launches his own mixing and mastering studio, Peak Studio. Nowadays and after several and successful adventures as a promoter in other brands like MOTEL, he is running his own club: HALLEY.   His career as DJ and producer is acquiring greater dimensions day by day with releases on labels like Alma Soul Music, Lust Recordings, Cuatro Records or Parallel, as well as with remixes for artists like Alexi Delano, Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul), Julian Sanza or Boghosian & Torquato and with his active residences in Replay and Reclub. In brief, the last four years have been very intense, enabling him to be positioned as one of the most active and popular artists in Madrid's underground scene.   WEB LINKS