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Hi, we are Nukov & Yelmet. Two close friends from Ostend, Belgium who have the same vision and taste when it comes to music, deejaying and partying. Since we believe in the power of sharing/working together instead of competing with one another, we decided it would be a good idea (and a lot of fun) to team up. Our vision is that we are “men of music”. With this we mean: we just love music in all its different ways. Be it techno, house, hip hop, rock, reggae... For us there are only two types of music: the bad kind and the good kind. This is what we stand for during our deejay sets; we don’t have a particular kind of house/techno we prefer. We believe in feeling the crowd or the moment and take it from there. This does not mean we don’t have our own sound. On the contrary, it means exactly that. We have the sound of the moment. bookings:

Nukov & Yelmet