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When we talk about Miguel Muñoz, we talk about club culture in all its aspects. Spanish by birth, this music lover has traveled much of the Spanish geography, performing in the best clubs and festivals around the country; as well, on the most important international conferences of electronic music on the globe: Amsterdam Dance Event, BIME Pro or Madrid Music Days. From his beginnings, his sound has evolved to a level, where the drums takes the role in each of his sets. His addiction to the melodic sounds started when from child he began his piano studies at the Conservatory of Music in Alicante. Since then, his sets are a mix of harmonies, melodies and strong drums combined with a powerful bass. His facet as a producer began in 2007. Five years later, without any album on the streets, he decides create his own label, OSR. His perseverance, hard work and unconditional love for music has enabled this young dreamer grow as a producer in the last years. He's been remixed by acclaimed artists as Stanny Abram or Dany Cohiba, and he's received feedbacks from world top artists as Dubfire, Paco Osuna, Neverdogs. Currently he has already signed record contracts on labels like Recovery House or Re:vibe Audio. In early 2015 was immersed in one of the most prominent project of his career, producing in the mecca of electronic music, Ibiza, his own clubbing concept during the summer season: Mine Club. It has been in playa d'En Bossa, supported by electronic music referents as Resident Advisor; or street clothing brands such as Trez Clothing, from LA. At his young age, has already been able to share stage with artists like Pig & Dan, Rafaele Rizzi, Andre Butano, Nuria Ghia, Marcos in Dub, Gonçalo, Ivan Serra, M.E.M.O., Anika Kunst and many others. Clubs: Eden (Ibiza, ES), Goya Social Club (Madrid, ES) as best Spanish club under 900 by VMA'16, Moss Club (Murcia, ES), Surf House (Ibiza, ES), Med Arenales Sound (Alicante, ES), Big Ben (Tenerife, ES), Club Jardin (Badajoz, ES), Disco Huracán (Toledo, ES), Techno Room (Valencia, ES), Katamaran (Alicante, ES), Lablack (Gandía, ES). Festivals: After Viñedos 2017 (Villarobledo, ES).

Miguel Muñoz