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Born in Barcelona, Marc is a regular artist of the city's electronic music scene. After his adventure as an Artistic Director for a party in Ibiza that allowed him to play with the likes of Carsten Kleman (MyMy), Audio Soul Project, Robert Babicz, Tigerskin and Wagon Cookin among many others he has been invited to perform at some of Europe's best clubs such as SeOne (London), Crystal (Istambul), D! Club (Lausanne) and at City Hall in Barcelona where he holded his own residency as well as being a regular guest. Form his swiss and venezuelian roots he has only kept a true passion for music as maracas and the horn are not particularely his favourite instruments. Although this passion has led him to digg very deep in the crates of many records shops and therefore acquire a great musical background that are reflected in his sets always using house and techno as a backbone. Nowadays, Marc is still an active artist in Barcelona's local scene performing at the cities most emblematic clubs such as Becool, Boulevard, City Hall and Slow. Alongside Dan Resende, Alfonso Lopez, Alexandre Balti and Dario Damerini, Marc is a memeber of The Monkey Bar, the promoting company from which they launch quality events under the same name but others such as Jurassic Park, Shining where some of the most praised international artists have already performed.

Marc Gimeno