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Magda's Upcoming Gigs: Magda's realm as an artist spans far beyond the typical role played by DJs and producers. With an open mind, Magda will try her hand at whatever feels right - from tech collaborations, fashion and art, to producing high-quality Tequila - creating a truly unique, multifaceted expression of herself. Born in Poland and raised in Detroit, Magda has soaked up the various characteristics of her surroundings, learning to find beauty and potential in the most derelict and depressed of places. As a teenager partying in Detroit, it wasn't long until Magda was fully immersed in the city's underground scene. In 1998, she joined Minus and began touring the world as Richie Hawtin's opening DJ. She honed her skills under the Minus umbrella but since has forged her own path, including almost a decade spent running the popular label Items & Things together with Troy Pierce and Marc Houle. Magda's touring schedule is amongst the most high-profile and demanding around. She's proved herself as a consistent, adventurous and top-quality performer, with a knack for bringing tracks together in unexpected ways. As well as notable accolades such as a BBC 1 Essential Mix and playing at Timewarp's live streamed 20th anniversary, Magda has been behind some stand-out commercial mixes, such as the truly seminal 'She's A Dancing Machine' in 2006, her similarly intricate fabric 49 CD and most recently a two-disc mix compilation for Balance. Though solo Magda releases are relatively rare, there's no doubt her ability extends beyond the booth to the studio. In the fall of 2010, Magda revealed her debut on Minus, 'From The Fallen Page'. It combined her love for Italian horror composition, Detroit techno futurism and straight-forward dancefloor functionality into a quality body of work that still sounds fresh today. She has also remixed the likes of Plastikman and Depeche Mode. Collaboration has become a vital part of Magda's studio work. Most recently, she has worked with T.B. Arthur, releasing a 12” of hard-hitting, modular acid under the name Blotter Trax. The duo are preparing a live PA to be debuted in 2017, as well as a new EP made together with BMG from Ectomorph. Also grounded in the concept of collaboration is her new event series, PERM. It began with a string of successful events in Berlin over 2016, all exploring innovative visual and musical ideas, and soon will branch out to become a record label with the same ethos. Magda continues to explore new creative avenues, each of them executed with the stamp of quality she has come to represent. CAB Clonk Artist Booking GmbH Katrin Schlotfeldt | General Manager Email: Phone: +49 30 40 50 40 347 General Contact: Items & Things