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CHECK OUT MY PROFILE ON HEARTHIS CHECK OUT MY PROFILE ON THE ARTIST UNION FOR ALL MY MIXES AND SETS FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!!!! I am a sound forming creator of the contemporary Electronic Storytelling Establishment. I am the classic underground but nothing can touch me. I am the Universe. I am Legendario! j'adore des genres: house (wildpitch, french, strictly rhythm, NY, Detroit style, gangsta) hiphop (Oldschool, Newschool, Gangsta, Native-Tongue, Eastcoast) techno (up to 140bpm, melodic as well, deep not too dark, all cool is) tech / industrial / not too minimal / bass / not too fast / no folklore My intros are always unique to its mix and produced through many pieces and sounds by myself. I like to play with sounds, forming them, merge them, leading them to new resorts but never trying to control them....keep calm and enjoy what is, because the good message is, we do have nothing under control, relax as there is nothing you can do anyway! There will always be competition, but I don't care - my mission is different. I am a creator. Still any reasonable challenge is welcome. Think twice is my free advice. Legendario! stands and lives by, and not for his values and core principles. I always say, remake yourself into a character of power. Working on yourself like clay should be one of your greatest and most pleasurable life tasks. In essence, you will understand, why you, me and everybody else is an artist. Simply speaking, the artist and the creator who is creating yourself. Be patient by observing. The rule is, not to think at all. I am classic underground and nothing can touch me.