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Keith Carnal

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Keith is one of the most important rising (raw) techno talents of this moment. His high quality productions got massive support from top-artists on tracks like “Analysis“, “Prospect“ and his biggest hit “Untold“, all released on AFFIN Recordings. This cheerful & charismatic guy, born and raised in the north of the Netherlands, is already more than a name to just look out for. With shows including legendary clubs like Tresor Berlin, Concrete Paris, Fuse Brussels, as well as festivals like Kingsday, Solar and Magneet – furthermore in domiciles like Dubai, Tunisia and Malta – he always presents his own interpretation of sound all around the globe. Early influenced by groundbreaking artists like Kraftwerk, New Order and Donna Summer, as well as Toto and Dire Straits – his style can be typed as a combination of massive basses with catchy melodies and energetic, underground vibes. Rough, but not flat and, constantly innovating: deep Techno. Or as Keith’s says with his own words: „Techno is something you only understand if you have experienced the real deal. It’s about losing yourself, coming together and letting go, all in one night. For me techno can encompass all emotions, whether it is happiness, sadness or even anger. Techno is more for me than just playing and making tracks, it’s a language that overcomes words, differences and race – an unspoken language of unity.“

Keith Carnal