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- Music Director @ Bar Rouge Shanghai - From Paris to Shanghai, French Riviera and Corsica, Keint set off on a pursuit to gain experience and immerse in multiple environments to reveal his passion for music. Throughout this journey, one of the most essential elements he learned is the importance of the music played in relation to the crowd and setting. Performing gigs in renowned high-end bars to trendy and chic clubs, to underground local venues, his artistic career has developed in a sense how to captivate the attention of any audience through sound selection. Mixing in the magnificent atmosphere of Parisian nights, at the majestic Genoese citadel of Calvi, and eventually residing in modern Shanghai, Keint confidently believes he has achieved self-fulfillment. These past three years in Shanghai enabled him to develop his network and improve his English, as well as obtain a competitive advantage of artistic skills through various performances. Some of the tasks he undertook include: sound design for an extremely exclusive and immersive gourmet restaurant; sound identity and musical soundscapes for reputable corporations; event management and celebrity artist bookings.

Keint DJ