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Multidisciplinary and pioneer, he was born in Buenos Aires during 70’s. Kapi is a b-boy and a graffiti writer that lives in Barcelona since 1982. He kept interest in black music in 1983 and found hip-hop through the breakdance boom appeared in Europe in 1984. He bought his first records in 1985 and his first machine in 1988 and at early 90's he was already experienced user of Cubase sequencer and some Akai samplers as well as the turntables. Linked to electro-funk music, after to funk and breakbeat, this genres were always loyal companions to his love for breaking and although for a while his music energy was focused on hip-hop rap, producing and on the stage, these styles where always present on his creative inspiration moments. Kapi, had his first record company experience taking part on the first compilation about Spanish hip-hop, “Rap De Aquí” published by BMG in 1990. And just after, he was deeply involved in the hip-hop demotapes boom that just preceded the first creation of independent rap labels from the spanish scene at the middle 90’s. Since then he have been participated in many projects collaborating with other artists and labels and have been deejaying in many different places and moments of his carrier. Actually he is also down with 2 Electro projects, Downrocks and Seek 2012 with which is publishing several references per year between collabo’s, compilations and own works, while he is active producing other styles like breakbeat or rap beats. As DJ he is working with funk too, genre with which he`s collector and user from his beginnings in the music.