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A lot of sets around the world. Each week in a different place, USA, Brazil, Dubai, Russia, UK, France, Italy and many more, always offering his best sounds. Matinée Group, Amnesia Ibiza, DMIX, L'Atlantida. A long list of songs and compilations, his work is always better. J Louis began his career as a professional DJ in the late 80’s. After several years of performing all around Catalonia,start a new chapter in the legendary Barcelona club, Illusion. After two successful years the Matinee Group was born, with the opening of such clubs as El Mito, Matinée (c/Tarragona), Cathedral Sundays, Le Soleil, Salvation, La Madame, Souvenir, Café Olé, Space Barcelona, D-Boy, all of which were opened and overseen by him. This led to his being hired by clubs all over Spain, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, Seville, Bilbao, Mallorca,San Sebastian,as well as other cities. In 1999 he arrived in Ibiza and worked at El Divino and Space. He also worked in 2000 at Privilege and in the summer of 2001 became the resident DJ at Space & Amnesia for all the Matinee events. This gave him international recognition and consequently he started playing clubs in cities like El Cairo, Sharm El Sheihk, Moscow, Miami, Palm Springs, Los Angeles,New York,Dubai, Rio De Janeiro, Florianopolis, Sao Paolo,Tel Aviv,Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Cannes, Brussels, London, Milan, Padova, Riccione, Bologna, Treviso, Amsterdam,Sofia,Budapest, Marrakesh, Helsinki, Berlin, Zurich, and Lausanne. In 1997, he began his career as a record producer with such projects as J.Louis (I don´t know,Crazy man)Chez & Louis( Days & nights, Good Experience y Maktub e.p) Missifu (My destiny dancing y Pray 4 a new day) JAF press.Nicole Brown( Music its my life) Murphy & Bronson( My Whisper y On my soul) J.Louis feat.MANNI (Love,Going to get bored y Feel) J.Louis & Ferran (Sou fera y If you want it)Chus Soler & J.Louis(Funko y Disko fans) Tikaro,J.Louis & Ferran (This is. Resist, Unbelievable, Shine on me, Silent words, Real Things,Make me feel, Today is my day y Bodies Conection),Oscar L & J.Louis(Bridge). He has also done remixes for Jocelyn Brown (Better life), La Unión (Lobo hombre en Paris), Ultra Nate (Automatic), Wally Lopez(Burning inside),Deux(The time is now), Danny Verde (Express yourself), and Lissat & Ketama (Imagination)co-produced with Ferran Benavent, Jordi Robles, Xavi Perez and Chus Soler. One cannot forget the compilations that he has remixed for various Spanish companies such as Ovlas COOL SESSION, ESSENTIAL HOUSE (Houseworks) FRONTLINE HOUSE SESSIONS (White and Black), GAY PRIDE (Air Music) and of course his best-known and appreciated project, the 25 volumes of the MATINEE GROUP COMPILATION, 5 SOUVENIR EDITION, 4 OLD HITS (Houseworks,Roster Music, black and White Matinee Records He has received the award ‘Best Ibiza DJ’ from DJ Mag. In addition, he was awarded the ‘The Best National House DJ’ by DJ Magazine and for ‘Best House Production’ for “Shine on Me”, ‘Real Things” and “Today is my day.