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IS TROPICAL - BLACK ANYTHING OUT 11/03/2016 Pt.1 - North America - featuring tracks 'Crawl' & 'On My Way' Pt.2 - Europe - featuring tracks 'Cruise Control' & 'Say' Pt.3 - Africa - featuring tracks 'Fall' & Lights On' Pt.4 - Asia - featuring tracks 'Follow the Sun' & 'Now Stop' Pt.5 - South America - featuring tracks 'Believe & What You Want' BUY NOW Vinyl (Limited edition of 1000 copies all hand numbered by the band) Each vinyl is artwork and a tribute to the continent it was recorded in. When stacked on top of each other, the 5 unique etchings on the centre of the otherwise transparent vinyl will create the Globe, unifying the concept as a whole. Each 10" vinyl is accompanied with a gold foil blocked poster with artwork to also reflect the continent. BUY NOW on iTunes AXIS MUNDI RECORDS Management - IS TROPICAL Booking - Greg Lowe (World) Booking - Teresa Guy (N America & Canada) Print Press - Rachel Hendry Online Press - Giovanna Ferin Radio - John Hubbard

Is Tropical