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Hiver is the result of an encounter between two minds: a sound designer and a sound engineer. Giuseppe and Sergio were born in the same town divided by only a few hundred meters, but they only met each other when they both moved to Milan. They started working on music together and from the many nights spent creating their sound the tracks produced started being noticed by various European labels. From then on, they understood that their productions could have an interesting sound and a unique importance. Their first release was signed by Vidab Records (a well-know German label). They then went on to remix a track for Oliver Deutschmann – on his Out of the Dark album remixes. The success of these two works gave them the opportunity to play all around Europe in the following months. In a short time they have fine tuned their sound and achieved another goal of releasing an EP on Curle Recordings which includes a remix by Tobias. They now have a residency at the Dude Club in Milan and their sets are made up of a precise merger of techno, house, dub and mental sounds. Nothing is left to chance in their productions and everything has a clear structure that is studied in every single detail. /////////////////////////////////////// Curle Recordings Vidab Recordings Deeplabs Detroit Taped Artifact Bokhari Kann Appian Sounds