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Collector and lover of vinyls. In 2012 he becomes DJ resident in the most renown clubs of Palermo, thanks to the Nice to Meow format. In 2015 he moved to Milan Djing for several night clubs as Tom, Bond, Baobar, Pandenus, Alcatraz etc. and private events. Actively he is collaborating as DJ resident for WAU project, a London-based entertainment format that combines emerging and unknown DJs of the London underground scene to exclusive locations like the Eight club member rooftop, The Hospital Club and many others. In 2016 he becomes one of the resident djs of 4cento, one of the most important clubs in Milan for underground music scene, playing with special guest as Ricky Montanari, David Mayer, Lele Sacchi and many others. In 2017 finally he plays a special set broadcasted on Ibiza Global Radio, the most important radio of dance music. His music have a strong soul and funk connotation mixed with disco and deep sounds, to finally get to house.