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FOR BOOKING CONTACT: General Inquiries: PROMOS: BIO: Gameboyz, the trio formed by Xar Lee, Da ́well and The Modernphase, natural product of the Spanish generation of the nineties, is doing really well and they go on stage with a lesson learned: to win you have to fight. And it doesn’t get better than a battlefield with the leading figures of house, disco, techno and electro music. A true “A to Z team” made up of all the international celebrities from the most electronic panorama of today and yesterday. These guys, armed with a handful of artistic skills, are futuristic warriors with a vintage soul. Engineers of their own voices, mechanics of their instruments, they would fit the profile of these professionals; from the vocals to the sound created from their Jagger bottles is 100% home-grown. They clearly enjoy what they do; as a band more powerful than Katrine itself, they bring with them a synthetic box loaded with fun and good music