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Frank Haag is going into the next phase of his career. Finding himself in a stripped down sound somewhere in between house and techno, he is now maturing into an artist with a more complete artistic vision. Haag’s sound always has a substantial and profound approach, often combining the organic and acoustic with the sonically abstract. Whether it’s hypnotizing and stripped down, mental or freaky, it’s always changing but a certain Haag signature remains. Having studied Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague for several years, Frank has been experimenting with analog and digital studio techniques by making multiple channels compositions. As Frank Hagemans - his real name - focus lies on concrete music, also seen as sound art. Clearly, it's quality over quantity for this genuine artist as his 4/4 style, which brings the defamiliarizing power of electronic sound in a very special manner, always proves. All this means that natural musical ability, combined with technical know how, have allowed Frank a much wider palette of expression. It is for that reason that many varied artist from the worlds of house and techno support his music. Picking up the bass guitar his early teens he played various gigs around the south of Holland in the midst of the 90's grunge movement. When not rehearsing with a band, Frank's musical curiosity continued and took him to many other genres. Coming from a musical family, he was brought up with jazz, classical music and Motown constantly being played. Since his late teens he has been playing DJ and Live sets, initially throughout Holland, then much wider afield. Ever influenced by the musical output of cities like Berlin and Detroit, his sound has kept evolving in recent times. Before now, Frank has received international recognition as both a DJ and live act who has played at clubs and events like Awakenings Festival, Trouw (Amsterdam), Watergate Club (Berlin), Arma17 (Moscow), Paperbox (New York) and Feeleed (Odessa). He has released on labels like Thema Recordings(NYC), Get The Curse Music (Paris) and Cesare VS Disorder’s Serialism Records (Berlin). Since 2012 Serialism is his main output. His bootleg of Depeche Mode and tracks like “Lust”, “Battlefield Picknick” and “The Verdict” broke globally and got picked up by everyone from Jamie Jones to Ame, Marco Carola to Tale of Us. bookings & info:

Frank Haag