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This young artist named Eduardo Hernando Celada, known as DuduTech born in Palencia the 14/06/1988 is a big fan of electronic music from very small. With only 16 years it began to see the best DJs in the world scene. The first electronic party to which he went was to see Dj-Rush, Pepo, Cristian Varela, Ben Sims .... From there and seeing the most versatile djs of the national and international scene, they began to urge my roots by the cd and vinyl. In December 2008 acquires its own desired stereo. From there he began to be undertaken and to learn, mixing with authority in a short time. Its large and respective musical influences come from artists such as Pepo, Varela, Ben Sims, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Umek .... DuduTech personal style strip nuances to techno, techno-house, leaving behind the hard-techno who is passionate and motivates a lot. In 2009 he made his way in music debuting at local who gave life, the Bar of New Kasual (Palencia). Since then, DuduTech has played in other well-known halls by Castilla and Leon like Step (Arevalo, Avila), Room Factory (Laguna de Duero, Valladolid) Sala Escada (Medina del Campo, Valladolid), Room Traspid (Traspinedo, Valladolid) Zeta Sound (Zamora), Space Factory (Pradoluengo, Burgos), white Horse Ranch (25th Anniversary Van go, Segovia), Jango Valencia (Valencia), 615Dclub (you Animas port, Valencia), Playa Guernica (Valencia), Spook Factory (Valencia), Mini Club (Valencia), RowTown Festival (Valencia). He has shared the stage with DJs known and relevant as Fatima Hajji, Pablo Guadalupe, Kazu Kimura, Marcos neighborhoods, J-nat, Rynagüer, Sergy Casttle, Ofi, Dr. Chow, M. pond, Iñaki Villasante, Raul Mezcolanza, Jesus Soblechero, the Martinez Brothers, Ilatio Alicante, East Everything, Marco Faraone, Markantonio, Mrs. barbara, Andres Campo, the Swing, George Privatti, Eddy M, Marc Maya, Mario Biani, Laura Rojo, Lorena Llanes, Aitor Ronda, Nuke. Regarding his music today, this DJ works with all types of electronic music ... In 2011 he changed his prick going to the computer and Traktor Scratch Pro. DuduTech is very meticulous with their sessions, which are characterized by their energetic big long mixes, cuts and strong effects. Today belongs to the developer Cool Music and Koh Tao (Hotel 82). In short, this dj is a revelation with great talent you can not miss if you want to enjoy good electronic music. SESSIONS DUDUTECH CONTACT DUDUTECH Email: Phone: 627 12 69 61