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Sergio Hernando A.K.A Soak at the early age of 24 years old has become a top reference in spanish scene electrónic and turntablism. Credentials, of course, is not lacking: in 2003, with only 12 years old, opened an enviable achievements in becoming runner-up Spain in DMC. Since then it has not ceased to be a landmark in the national and international competitions for DMC and ITF, now known as I.D.A. No other dj in the world with the same features (except a similar case in North America, (Dj A-Trak) has achieved a landmark so prominent in so short period of time. “A young prodigy from scratch” would be one of the most successful definitions to discuss Soak, and that is that this kid wants to bite the world. Shows an innate talent, which has managed to shape practicing very hard since he barely lifted was a child and used to sneak the dishes of his brother Dj Elko. Soak has grown and grown into one of the new covering of urban culture of our country. Valencian, but with good hands who could have been forged in the crib from scratch, at it' s Soak bet the electric rhythms. It plays in each of them to perfection by mixing electronic, house, hip hop, and requires more than an unbeliever to turn his head toward the cockpit to check that this wonder is scratching vinyl meat and bone, ultimately free music that skips the rules without giving up the party. Despite his youth, he has appeared on several TV programs that have succumbed to his savoir faire: Música Sí (TVE), Miradas2 (TVE), La Hora Wiki (Canal+), MTV (Austria) and in Rolling Stone magazine, Dj Mag, Vulture, Serie B, Hip Hop Nation, Hip Flow, Alittlebeat, Staff Magazzine or Deejay. The best thing is that the reign of Soak just starting and we can only expect good things very good things, this guy in constant exploration of ways and innovation that transform and magically erase the diving lines between musical genders. TITLES AND AWARDS: *Vize-Champion of Spain DMC 2003 *3º in the championship of Spain of the I.T.F 2005 *4º in the championship of Spain of the DMC 2005 *Champion of the Community Valenciana of DMC 2006 *3º in the championship of Spain the DMC 2006 *Champion of Spain of the I.T.F / I.D.A 2006 *Vize-champion of World/Euro I.T.F / I.D.A 2006 *Vize-Champion of Sapin DMC 2007 *4º in the World I.D.A/I.T.F 2007 *Champion of Spain DMC 2008 *Champion of Spain DMC 2009 *Red Bull Thre3Style Champion of the Community Valenciana 2011

Dj Soak