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Born in Valencia (Spain) in 1992, Diego Mas expresses the purest House style in his music. His sessions include dynamic features from the 19th years’ music; brought to our current days in a refreshing way and adapted to the audience it is addressed to. In his sets, we can appreciate equilibrium between the influences of artists such as Chus & Ceballos, Hoxton Whores or Claptone and the fluency he has achieved thanks to his experience as a resident in great clubs as Wonderwall Music Resort (Valencia), which has been nominated to the Vicious Music Awards as the best Beach Club of the year as well as the best party by ‘Wonderwall Sundays’. He has shared billboard with successful exponents of the national and international music scene such as JP Candela, Coqui Selection, Javi Reina, Juanjo Martín or Albert Neve. Belonging to the Scandalous Records hallmark, he works on various projects together with his colleague Alex Sellens, and he has also produced some tracks which thousands of people have danced. He is currently one of the greatest House promises of the country.

Diego Mas