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2LOVERS DJs are Tristan and Juan Di Lago. Juan Di Lago and Tristan. Two DJs and producers who have joined their music, their strength and energy to make each session a big party.
 Juan Di Lago, DJ, musician, producer and radio dj (Loca FM, Enjoy FM) based in San Sebastián with more than 15 years working and mixing the best house sounds of the moment. As a producer he has edited and worked with labels such as House Works, United Music Records, Connected Music, Beatman Records ... and now through his label Myraconcha Muzik.
 Tristan has been mixing for over 10 years in top venues of Europe: Catwalk (Barcelona), Amnesia (Ibiza), Versuz (Belgium), Le Deck Club (France), Barcelona Summer Week...
 We can say that lives surrounded by music as a DJ combines the director of one of the most known clubs in Spain, Bataplan Disco. And they have just been nominated as one of the 9 finalists, from more than 600 DJs, of RON BARCELO MASTER TEMPO, the first Official Competition Resident Deejays Club.
 2LOVERS sessions are elegant, sexy, glamorous... Pure house music.
 Currently have residencies at clubs like CDLC (Barcelona), Backstage (Bilbao), Bataplan Disco (San Sebastian), Booom (Ibiza), Babara Club (Madrid)...
 They also produced original tracks and remixes like "2DANCE" (remixed by Franco Mulero, Javier Elipe, Submission DJ, Camilo Franco ...) GLORIOUS, READY and many more.

2Lovers Djs