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Petit Bain

Dance Bar
Live Music
Indie - Rock



Petit Bain is an atypical space designed by the architects of the Encore Heureux collective in the form of a floating barge: a convivial space with an unobstructed view of the Seine! Petit Bain is not only a concert hall but also a restaurant. It is also a place accessible to people with reduced mobility, and soon to the deaf people. Petit Bain is a space dedicated to listening, seeing, hearing, gardening, dancing, learning, meeting, ... A friendly space to show that it is possible to undertake differently. Designed on three levels, Petit Bain is equipped with a concert hall with its recording studio, a restaurant and a terrace.

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7, Port de la Gare, Paris, France

Petit Bain

7, Port de la Gare