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Hôtel Bourbon

Cocktail Bar
Chill & Relax
Hip hop


What do you say we dive into what Parisian nights have the most stylish to offer? Let's go to the Hôtel Bourbon, and (if they let us in when once we get there), let's let ourselves be overwhelmed by the famous coolness that is part of the capital's reputation. A quick tour of the place, two floors: on the ground floor, a cocktail bar with a very seventies decor, downstairs a house/hip-hop club with an equally remarkable look (even the smoking room with its black tiles and pink neon looks gorgeous). Let's get back upstairs to share a cocktail or a glass of natural wine!

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39 Rue des Petites Écuries, Paris, France

Hôtel Bourbon

39 Rue des Petites Écuries