RDS Stadium GenovaRDS Stadium Genova


RDS Stadium Genova

Large Venue
Live Music
Melodic House & Techno



RDS Stadium Genova is a unique structure of its kind, a real multifunctional and modular plant with a 60 meter long, 30-high and 23-high parcel, featuring modern facilities that is able to host concerts, sports events, shows and events of all kinds. Opened in October 2003, it represents an excellent example of the transformation of an industrial space facility into spectacular and sporting events. While changing the use of spaces and buildings the project has been designed to preserve the memory of past activity. In fact, the original exterior structure of the 1970's has been preserved and a building has been rebuilt with modern criteria for isolation and optimization of acoustics, the abolition of architectural barriers and the division of interior spaces.

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Lungomare Giuseppe Canepa, 155, Genoa, Italy

RDS Stadium Genova

Lungomare Giuseppe Canepa, 155