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Limbo Retreats was born out of the need to make people feel good, to rediscover the essential qualities that human beings carry within themselves. Limbo Retreats aims to create a moment to connect with oneself and with others. How? Through the beauty of nature that hosts us and the connection with it, food, products from our land, arts, ancient disciplines, and music as the soundtrack of every moment of the day. Taking time for oneself is necessary for one's soul and to bring out one's truth. Breathe, let go of what you don't need, and reconnect with your true nature. Each retreat will have a Sankalpa, an intention. Waking up in the morning with a project in mind or work to do, one lives the day with determination; when one has a direction to follow, there is concentration and presence. This is the Sankalpa. It's the statement of a purpose, a will, the determination and motivation of a good intention that resonates deep within our essence. Expressing a Sankalpa creates the right vibrations in the universe for the intention to become real. For the 5 retreats, we have thought of using the 5 senses that are related to the Chakras as Sankalpa

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Località Il Ciocco, 55051 Barga LU, 55051 Barga, Italia, Barga, Italy

Limbo Retreats

Località Il Ciocco, 55051 Barga LU, 55051 Barga, Italia