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Since it opened its doors in 2001, Sutton Barcelona always played a leading role in Barcelona’s nightlife. From the very beginning, their parties were in everybody’s chats, both young and not so young people from the upper area in town. Located in the middle of Carrer Tuset, the club always knew what it wanted to be: a meeting point for forever friends, for those who want to have fun with their lifelong friends in a familiar club, cosy and true to a musical style always liked by the biggest audiences. Sutton Barcelona breathes a youthful, but mature atmosphere. Minimum age of 21 years old is required, although the public is usually around 23 or 25, even reaching 40 depending on the party. It's not weird to see public figures of high relevance in Sutton, such as actors, elite athletes or football players, fashion designers or politicians. Sutton Barcelona is one of the most exclusive clubs in the city and VIP people know it. You only need to take a look at some of the pictures of their Facebook albums or attend some of their big parties, such as Halloween or New Year's Eve, to discover their high-end style. Sutton Barcelona gives a remarkable prominence to music. The position of the DJ booth enhances the DJ to the audience and makes it a central figure of the event, although many times the sound is borne by resident artists. Commercial electronic music (mainly electro-house, dance and big room) sets the pace, although the R'n'B and the hits have their glorious moments as well. Despite this, Sutton has lived historic nights with huge names such as David Guetta, Galantis, The Martinez Brothers, Gianluca Vacchi or even Bruno Mars. You always have to keep an eye on their agenda and line-up before jumping into their booking options. Sutton always warns that you will be a victim of their pics. We don't know if that's the reason, but the required dress code is elegant, smart-casual. You don't need to wear a smart jacket or a long dress, although if you do, you won't be an exception. A well-fitting shirt, a good set and good shoes are enough (but essential) if you don't want, both boys and girls, be rejected. There's always quite a big line in the door of Sutton Barcelona. Almost every day it opens. And the ticket always costs 15 or 20€. That's why we are here. With the Xceed app, you can always sign up to the guest list before going to the club to get in for free. If you love to start the weekend quite soon, you are lucky, because Sutton is your party venue. Sutton opens from Wednesday to Saturday. With no exception. In addition to all the holidays eves, of course. Its schedule is the usual one in nightclubs: it opens at midnight and closes at 6 am, closing maybe at 5:30 am on Wednesdays and Thursdays, depending on the number of people partying inside.

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Tuset, 13, Barcelona, Spain

Sutton Barcelona

Tuset, 13