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For bookings contact: daniel@gloam.nl TWR72 is an Amsterdam based techno duo sharing the same predilection of music since their early teens. Now, almost two decades later, they still share this bond and are seen as the most thriving duo in the scene. TWR72 pioneers their own forward- thinking approach towards electronic music: a fusing and pulsing rhythm with a cutting drive, binding it with a strong signature groove. In 2010 they celebrated their first successes with refreshing productions with which they have set a standard for many following young producers. With an even more progressed sound, they signed at Turbo Recordings and released several leading techno EP’s. Moreover, TWR72 released ‘Endless’; a locked groove masterpiece consisting of 72 loops. The cherry on the cake was their collaboration with LA’s most wanted producer, Truncate. Their journey continued with the genesis of their own imprint Float Records in 2014. With this label they explore the combination of perfection and simplicity shown by both young, talented producers as well as renowned artists. In 2015 they released several EP’s on Planet Rhythm which were charted and played by the biggest artists out there. 2016 starts out well with their debut in techno’s most praised club, Berghain. Furthermore they have a new EP coming up on Float Records and several remixes for big artists are on the way. Tracky, stripped-back and tough as hell, TWR72, delivers an ultra-lean cut of prime techno. Follow us on: www.twr72.com www.twitter.com/TWR72 www.facebook.com/TWR72