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Manuela Gandolfo was born in Turin (Italy) and was always interested in music. She collected,through her travels and experiences,various musical styles up to lead in the world of Electronic music. The Italian artist has delighted many music lovers across the country with her soulful and melancholic music. With her deep love and passion for electronic sounds, she has created many tracks which became quite popular among the music enthusiasts. Manuela’s talent was reflected at a very early stage when She began to perform in various clubs in her own city. Later on, she also started to play with the “Savana Potente” and became a guest performer in the party ‘We love Sunday” at SPACE,in Ibiza 2010 and 2011. In 2011,She was interviewed by one of the main music Magazine in Italy called "Turin Magazine" and in 2012,Dj Mag Italy was happy to interview Manuela talking about her career and the kind of music she was producing at that time. In 2011 and 2012,She was hosted by one of the best party of the Neapolitan scene,in Italy called "DEEP'N MORNING" and after she released her amazing EP “OCCHI MARRONI” on Deependence Rec,with a exclusive remix by Simina Grigoriu&Lorenzo Chiabotti and Moonshine was been released on Wasabi rec. In 2015 She played at the official After party at Cocoricò, "BUON GIORNO CLASSIC", where she expressed her side as Dj very well. After this amazing experience she decived to improve her production techniques attending a course with huge success as a Sound Engineer at Music Lab Academy. In 2015 She was interviewed by the Magazine "Zurda Magazine Barcelona" in the musical section where her interview was published with photos and podcasts along side with other djs such as Francesca Lombardo,Carola Pisaturo,Argenis Brito,Yaya,Shinedoe,Nicole Moudaber,Laura Jones. Manuela currently plays as a resident along side famous Italian artists at the Radio "M2O SoundsRise" . Her dj sets are in constant evolution,but always characterized by a deep groove and tech-house by melodies and voices. In 2013,She released on a London label Addicted Music,in a Various Artists with international djs including: Julie Marghilano,Tato and Perseus Traxx. In 2015 she moved to Valencia, where she played in the club best known of the city, such as: Mini-club, Wateke and Gabbana. With her next release,Manuela decided to use her actual name to improve and valorize herself as an artist and to reflect her new quality of music reflecting on her career. In 2015 she release in "Wawetech Limited " label Romanian well known,with an EP with deep/dub and soft sound. Future release as well is on 2016 will be on Francesca Lombardo’s label “ECHOE Records” with a super deep EP release that will surprise the music scene. On 15.10.2016,it is released his EP called "Arcadia" Feat. Francesca Lombardo,with an exclusive Premiere by DJ MAG and other very important music channels. The release will be first published in digital and later on vinyl. In 2016 is interviewed by the music magazine "Altroverso" by a special assembly that enhances its much sought after music selection. Always in 2017 it is housed, from the famous Radio around the world, "Ibiza Global Radio", proving very popular, with a weekly residence in Anna Tur&Miguel Garji radio show program. She played in varius Club: Italy, Ibiza, London,Spain and Bulgaria.

Manuela Gandolfo