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Malinka began her professional career in early 2014, after a life dedicated to electronic music. She began her career in the (collective) Pannik Doctors. Her unique and undergrounde sounds are what can distinguish her from other Dj's. She creates a great atmosphere in the clubs with her exceptional rhythms. Malina successfully played in the Spanish and Polish clubs. During the previous years she has been touring around the major clubs in Mallorca, Salamanca and Poland. Malina has most recently performed at venues such as Le Suite Salamanca, Il Chiringo Mallorca, The Project Mallorca, LineUP Mallorca, BLVDclub, Anima Beach Malllorca and Electric Flash Poland. She also played at the German Party Groovement and is Resident of My Garage as well as releasing tracks on Spliced Vinyl Recordings. The style of her music depends much on her listeners; starting from house all the way to the deep house and techno. The ENERGY is what she always wants to be felt from her tunes... As a true embodiment of energy on the dance floor, with her incredibly unique mix of music, skills and beauty—she quickly became recognizable by showcasing her explosive mixes. The perfect combination of music and good technique are what break all the stereotypes about lady DJ's