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Ivanna Melania Turyk, aka Lucy Snake, was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal, where she continues to pursue her passion for music as a DJ and producer. In 2017 Lucy Snake performed at private events. After two years, she made her professional debut at the famous Barhein Club. Since then, she has reached some of Buenos Aires' most distinguished clubs. Lucy Snake has toured extensively throughout Argentina, performing in Cordoba, Santa Fé, Neuquén, Salta, San Juan, Misiones, and Tandil. Her international gigs include Shipland Festival on a 5-star cruise ship in the Atlantic Ocean, as well as shows in Brazil, Uruguay and two tours in Chile. She is currently living in Portugal and she has started to have her first events in Lisbon. In 2020, Lucy Snake resumed her piano lessons and began studying music production and vinyl. In 2022, she released her first EP on the Spanish label Huambo Records. In 2023, she released her second EP, "The Expert," on Sacudan Records, It reached the number 7 position on the best releases chart on Beatport. As a rising artist, Lucy Snake has established herself as one of the most recognized female DJs and producers in the Argentine national scene, creating a unique sound that sets her apart from her peers.

Lucy Snake