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Kyle Cassim is a South African Dj, Producer and Radio Producer. He hosts undoubtedly the most sought after dance show on the national radio Station 5fm : Tuesdays 6-7pm and The Kyle Cassim Show Every Friday from 7-10pm Check out his production alias https://soundcloud.com/cinimin which is a Duo he has with his brother Austin Cassim BIOGRAPHY In 2014 Kyle played at the first ever ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL in SA; he just wrapped up his 5th consecutive ULTRA now in 2018. We all know once you go global, you go big! Between the years 2014 to 2018, Kyle performed in Ibiza, London and The Netherlands. Opening for DJ’s the likes of Franky Rizardo, Skitzofrenix and Jeff Doubleu. Succession development at its best! And then...... in 2016 Kyle’s dreams became a reality when 5fm (his favourite national radio station) offered him his very own Dance Music Show every Friday night. A year and a half later, The Kyle Cassim show has become the weekend party starter, the viral vibe that people tune into! His slogan “dirty, filthy, stanky house music...... you know you like it” is a brand in itself and echo’s from the lips of listeners the whole weekend long. Kyle now has three shoes on 5fm, The Ultimix (Tuesdays 6 to 7pm), The Kyle Cassim Show (Fridays 7 to 10pm) and his latest project, Cassim’s Kitchen. Here we have a private view into Kyle’s kitchen, where he dazzles our taste buds with his culinary skills and tickles our ears as we listen to the beats from his guest DJ. (yes ladies, he can cook!) Kyle is inspirational; in 2015, he spoke at the Suits and Sneakers conference on following your passions and the actualisation of a dream! ( even if there are few monetary rewards ) “Local is Lekker” and Kyle has kept to his routes and loves playing at some of the most prestigious festivals and clubs in SA, where he has collaborated with some of the world’s biggest international DJ’s. Billy Kenny, Shapeless, Josh Butler, Robin Shultz, Cosmic Gate, Noir, Juilet Sikora, EDX, Sons of Maria, Mat.joe, Boogie Vice, Bass Kleph, Stimming, Hannah wants.... to name a few! Kyle frequently plays at Rage Festival, Wonderland, H20, Truth, Nicci Beach, Origin, as well as like minded festivals in Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Who is Kyle cassim Kyle exudes a trademark energy whilst performing. He gives his all to the process and acknowledges that “anyone can press play and mix behind decks” BUT not everyone delivers in the way that Kyle does and that is where the difference lies. He is enthusiastic about life, every element of it. He is eccentric and rambunctious and this shines through his music! His music elevates people! It makes them happy! It makes them feel something! Kyle pays tribute, always, to his family! “My family is the reason I am where I am today, their support, their guidance, the values they instilled in me!” Kyle also has two remarkable, talented siblings (it must run in the family) who he is very close with. His younger brother Austin shares this same passion for music and so they established “CINIMIN” which showcases sets of their own production! (We did mention Unique!) Kyle has been known to say; “As long as I have a roof over my head, good friends, family, food and the ability to perform, then that is all the happiness I need!” It is safe to say, that these 6 years has seen, at large, the takeover of the SA Dance Scene by Kyle Cassim!

Kyle Cassim